Monday, February 18, 2008

Everyday subjects

Riding along I-5 yesterday on the way to Eugene, several painting subjects appeared - a clump of blackberry canes, swirls of red and gray with splotches of leaves, a wintry look - oak trees on a foggy horizon - field stubble sticking up out of the silvery reflection of a mud puddle. All very everyday sights here this time of year, but interesting subjects along with many others if you look.

In Eugene, the Asian Festival had all sorts of sights of its own with the colorful market, tai chi demonstrations, belly dancing, many kinds of food and some colorful characters.
I got a chance to make paper from wheat straw and saw samples of many other types (cattail was my favorite), which made me think of all of the grasses out there that could be made into paper. An invasive plant called reed canary grass ought to be a very good candidate. My wheat straw paper below...

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