Wednesday, March 19, 2008

James Lavadour Painting Exhibit, Salem

During an art field trip to Salem yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed an exhibit of paintings by Oregon artist, James Lavadour. The exhibit, "The Properties of Paint," is at the Hallie Ford Museum thru March 30. The colorful (sometimes glowing), creative paintings are mesmerizing to me. Photos of the paintings can be seen at the PDX Contemporary Art website (click on the "Show more images" link). The photos can give you an idea of how the paintings look, but the paintings definitely need to be seen in person.


White Water Warehouse said...

This artist is incredible. I had never heard of him and my thanks to you for introducing him to me. His work reminds me a bit of yours but perhaps he uses just a bit more saturated colors. Yes?

Rob Robinson said...

My recent painting experiments do look especially similar to me. Although they are not finished paintings, I'll have to post a few.