Thursday, October 21, 2010


Both of these paintings were done using acrylic paints. This first one, slightly more representational than the one following, was painted with a watercolor consistency on rag mat board. The mat board readily absorbed the paint, giving it an appearance of more depth. This may not be so visible on the computer monitor.

The painting below was made on gesso-coated paper using a thicker consistency paint. This gave it more actual texture and a very different look from the watercolor-type application. The paint sits on top of the surface in this case rather than soaking in.

(Click on the images for a larger view)

The versatility is one of my favorite attributes of acrylic paints. I am using it with a collage that I am currently working on, with acrylic gel medium as an adhesive.


Gwenn said...

Yes! Love this about acrylics!

Also, these are lovely paintings.

Rob R Robinson said...

Thanks very much Gwenn!

Some day I'll have to try a portrait in acrylic. I have painted a number of them in watercolor, but using acrylic could be an interesting change.