Thursday, April 14, 2011

Latest abstract painting

This painting includes some stamped areas, but looks very different from the previous one, which also included stamping.

I'm not completely certain that this painting is finished. Sometimes it takes a while with lots of looking to decide...


BeemerGirl said...

Is it the same stamp? hehehe

Is there anything special to the linoleum? Or can you purchase the square tiles of the stuff at Lowes? Is it the top portion of the linoleum or the bottom?

And I love the bright yellows!


Rob R Robinson said...

Ha, yep, it's the same stamp - good eye!- although I recently carved two more.
What I use is more of a printmaking block rather than what most people think of as linoleum. It is much softer and easy to carve, and can be carved on both sides -

Thanks! I don't normally use much bright yellow like that, but I like it in this painting.